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Luke Fowler's 2012 Film "All Divided Selves"

On Sunday, February 23rd, at 5:30PM CIIS will host a showing of Luke Fowler's film "All Divided Selves," a documentary on the work and life of Ronald David Laing, a Scottish psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who had very interesting views on what constituted sanity and madness in modern society.  The film itself is a masterpiece and for me ranks as one of the most important films made about mental health in recent history.

Now Providing Online Video Counseling

 I have recently teamed up with to provide online psychotherapy.  The sessions I have conducted thus far using their secure, easy-to-use interface have added a whole new dimension to my practice and have allowed me to work with people from all over California.  This service is available to prospective clients who are Blue Shield of California  members or who are able to pay out-of-pocket.  Please let me know if you'd like to pursue this option. 


I co-created a free webinar on "Principles for Staying Sane While Effectively Helping a Loved One in Crisis." 

The webinar addresses issues such as:  

  • setting & maintaining appropriate boundaries
  • avoiding/reducing power struggles over psychiatric medications
  • managing issues of separateness vs. fusion in intense relationships

To view this webinar click here.