Therapy for Teens and Parent Consultation

I enjoy working with teens, mostly because they are so up front and real.

There are two separate approaches I use to create change when working with teenagers: individual therapy and parent consultations.

In individual therapy, the first order of business is making a genuine connection by talking to your teenager about what matters to him or her. Next is the attempt to build a shared understanding of why she or he is being brought to therapy. After creating a shared way of talking about what is troubling, I help her or him identify more satisfying ways of solving conflicts. This process allows your teen to be heard and validated in ways they had not thought possible and stimulates the growth of more adaptive behaviors.

Another important aspect of my work with adolescents is to help them to solidify their future goals and aspirations while bringing recognition to the skills and talents they have already developed. Importantly, the special type of learning acquired in therapy about who they are and how they relate to others will continue to bear fruit throughout adulthood.

During the ongoing parent consultations, we will discuss your concerns and figure out together how you can best help your teen get back on track. Specific goals in my work with parents include helping you to 1) reestablish a connection with the teen's unique psychological needs, 2) maintain clear, consistent boundaries & consequences for what behaviors are acceptable and unacceptable, and 3) understand how your own experiences of adolescence inform your reactions to your teen.

Issues I can help with: depression, school-related conflicts, major loss, divorce, trauma, oppositional/defiant behavior, low self-esteem, social isolation, and anxiety.