Play Therapy for Children and Parent Consultation

Kids have an incredibly rich inner life. They are also extremely perceptive, attuned more to how we act than what we say. For them, recognition, understanding, and security are psychological oxygen.

Kids have their own peculiar way of organizing and expressing things, too, which can be confusing for us adults. There are two separate approaches I employ to effect change: weekly play therapy and monthly parent consultations.

In the ongoing play therapy, patterns emerge that indicate how your child is managing his or her feelings. My expertise consists in identifying and tracking these ways of coping, attempting to give voice to them in a way that speaks directly to your child, and finally helping your child to create new ways of experiencing the world. In this way, the therapy can give your child emotional tools that will benefit him or her over the lifespan.

Ongoing parent consultations are a forum for you to relate how the child is behaving outside of therapy and to bring up any concerns or ask any specific questions you may have. Also, it is a time for us to create new understandings of your child’s behavior. The priority here is to strengthen your bond with your child through increased awareness.

My work with children focuses on such issues as behavioral concerns, school problems, depression, trauma or abuse, difficulties with concentration, loss and grief, foster and adoptive placements, and anxiety.