Individual Adult Therapy

 I help people:

  • Find and sustain a satisfying intimate relationship
  • Explore difficulties in moving ahead with a major life transition, such as getting married or becoming a parent
  • Overcome depression
  • Heal from a painful break-up or divorce
  • Recover from a major loss
  • Deal with the consequences of growing up in a difficult family
  • Moderate or abstain from substance use
  • Discover what they truly value in life, and then remove whatever is blocking them from aligning their actions with this value
  • Communicate their needs in a genuine manner
  • Become very sophisticated about what might be going on in another person's mind
  • Change long-held assumptions and risk new behavior

I also specialize in helping people who have cultivated their intellects and creativity but would now like to develop their emotional and relational world.

People who have not achieved lasting benefits with psychiatric medications and are seeking another path to healing have found me especially helpful.